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Personal Debt

Tailored solutions

We customise our solutions based on your unique situation. We negotiate payment plans and interest-free time periods that work just for you and your current debt position.

We buy you time

We buy you precious time to get your life back on track because occasionally we all need a helping hand. Time to organise your finances and get the right processes in place to help you become debt free.

Halt the banks

We negotiate a payment plan on your behalf and get your creditors to understand your financial hardship and debt situation. They understand that people fall on hard times and with the right support behind you can overcome your debt to them. It is in their best interests to do so.

Settle your debts

We settle your debt amount by negotiating a reduction of between 40% to 60% based on your financial situation. We can do this by leveraging your creditor’s need to reduce their risk. Making you pay 100% of a debt you cannot afford is of no value to them. Using us to help, shows that you want to clear your debts.

Our point of difference

We help everyday Australians become debt free within a year, without impacting their credit rating. No Bankruptcy. No Debt Agreements. We are on your side. It’s free and confidential to chat.

About Us

Carrington James is a unique business that specialises in debt restructures and debt elimination.
Former director of Fox Symes & Associates, our founder Justin Fox, began Carrington James to help distressed businesses beat bankruptcy/insolvency.