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Reduce your debts

Redefine your life

Rediscover your future on 1300 845 310.

At reducr we understand why people get into credit card debt and we understand the stress it can have upon you.

Making payments with plastic cards is quick, simple, and often more convenient than cash. Unfortunately, credit card debt soon racks up if you don’t manage it well.

And you’re not alone…. many Australians struggle to pay off their credit card debt each week and that’s why we here to help.

We don’t do debt agreements
We don’t believe your future should be impacted by your debt so we won’t push you towards bankruptcy or debt agreements. You don’t need to have a credit default or black mark on your record to solve your debt problems.

We want to reduce your debts
We negotiate with banks to reduce the amount of debt you owe and freeze the interest to give you time to get your finances in order and on the road to debt recovery.

We aim to protect your credit rating
Give yourself a second chance by making sure you can borrow money in the future without any black marks or defaults against your credit history. We will protect you.

We can free you from your credit card debt and save your credit rating. We help hundreds of people every month, just like you so give us a call today on 1300 845 310.


About Us

Carrington James is a unique business that specialises in debt restructures and debt elimination.
Former director of Fox Symes & Associates, our founder Justin Fox, began Carrington James to help distressed businesses beat bankruptcy/insolvency.