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    What we do

    The aim of Carrington James Pty Ltd is to become involved at the earliest possible time to identify, analyse and address the problems which a corporate client is facing. We then work to offer a course of action which will minimise their risk exposure and generate effective solutions. We work to guide them through this process, encouraging them to remain focused on their long-term objectives and monitor their progress as they pass various milestones.

    Where necessary, we introduce clients to specialist professionals in the fields of accounting, financing, creditor negotiation and commercial and litigation law, who we have proven experience and long standing track records of looking after our clients with optimum care.

    Carrington James Pty Ltd has a clear point of difference to many other advisors. We seek to identify the problems as early and quickly as possible to work to provide multiple options and solutions, giving our clients choice and diversity of opinion.

    We work and collaborate with a wide variety of financial and professional institutions to source, market, advise, and resolve a range of issues relating to distressed situations including bankruptcy and insolvency.

    Our activities are not restricted to distress but client demand dictates that it remains our central focus.

    Given the current challenging circumstances faced by businesses, Carrington James Pty Ltd believes that financial institutions must develop new and innovative techniques to support and preserve the interests of both their clients and themselves.

    We recognise the industry’s need for an innovative approach, focused on long-term, tailored solutions to over come both corporate and individual financial distress.

    Our approach is to utilise the corporate laws of insolvency to the benefit of directors and/or secured creditors. We have developed logistically sound, commercial and legal arrangements which can be immediately applied with the relevant provisions in the Corporations Act, most notably voluntary administrations, for prompt and effective results.


    • Accountants
    • Lawyers
    • Insolvency Practitioners

    We have established strong partnerships with many accountants who recognise the benefit of our unique approach over the traditional solutions offered by Insolvency Practitioners.

    The inherent conflict of interest that often arises under arrangements between Insolvency Practitioners, your client and their creditors can be avoided with our alternative approach that delivers informal, equitable and effective solutions for all parties that will not restrict your client’s financial future.

    To find out more about our alternative solutions please contact us today

    Carrington James will help maintain a strong and effective relationship with your client rather than losing them through bankruptcy/insolvency.

    We don’t just push clients down the path of liquidation. We push them down the path to success.

    Unlike many of our competitors and other advisors, we view formal bankruptcy or insolvency measures as a last resort and focus on more effective, informal and tailored solutions that will help your client regain financial control and continue to carry out valuable business with you.

    This is no doubt a far better alternative for both you and your client. Contact us today to find out all your options, rather than just those that may maximise your accountant or Insolvency Practitioner’s fees.

    While Insolvency Practitioners deal predominantly with corporate debt solutions for the company, such as Voluntary Administration or Liquidation, we here at Bradfield Bentley can deal simultaneously with your client’s personal debt under informal arrangements.

    This allows Insolvency Practitioner’s to offer a full solution to their clients for both their corporate and individual debt.

    Work with Carrington James to offer a one-stop shop customised solution for your clients.

    About Us

    Carrington James is a unique business that specialises in debt restructures and debt elimination.
    Former director of Fox Symes & Associates, our founder Justin Fox, began Carrington James to help distressed businesses beat bankruptcy/insolvency.