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Carrington James

Our Services

The executive team at Carrington James Pty Ltd has created a unique offering of advice and potential solutions to those facing financial distress, insolvency or bankruptcy – for both corporates and individuals.

What We Do

The aim of Carrington James Pty Ltd is to become involved at the earliest possible time and to identify, analyse and overcome/address the financial problems a company or individual are having.

Contact Us

For more information or to speak with one of our highly experienced consultants, please click here.

We are independent arbitors

Who offer advice and potential solutions to those who are experiencing financial distress and work closely with financial institutions and industry professionals to identify, assess and find resolutions to a wide range of distressed situations.

Our Ideas

will work for you

We act as an advisor identifying, assessing and strategising financial distress solutions for individuals, SME’s and corporations as well as acting as a mediator between parties to settle resolutions for a wide range of distressed situations.

About Us

Carrington James is a unique business that specialises in debt restructures and debt elimination.
Former director of Fox Symes & Associates, our founder Justin Fox, began Carrington James to help distressed businesses beat bankruptcy/insolvency.